BeDaena was inspired by the  Graduation Address given by Lol Fearon, former  Superintendent of the Horace Porter School to the  2018, 8th Grade Graduation Class.

Bedaena Random Acts of Kindness is your opportunity to honor her memory by performing random acts of kindness  today or any day. During her life Daena always shared her love, and went our of her way to do acts of kindness for friends, family, and complete strangers.  Daena always went out of her way to do things for others. So the next time you are out, do something special for a complete stranger; pay for their coffee, offer to help carry groceries, or do something that you think Daena would of done to help someone in need.

The next time you perform a random act of kindness hand the person one of our #BeDaena cards to share Daena’s love for others. You can also share your experience by using the #BeDaena to share your story on facebook, instagram or twitter or you can email us directly

We want to use the tragedy of Daena passing to remind the world of the power of kindness. Honor the soul who taught us all about unconditional love by spreading it to those around you. Lets make Daena proud.