David’s Haircut

Today David came in and got his regular haircut from me. Dave is one of my regulars and I remember Daena specifically as normally I would ask him how she’s doing. Today David revealed to me the heart-shattering news and I cannot put into words the amount of love and condolences that I want to send to y’all.
David did a random act of kindness in Daena’s memory today and gave me a $20 to pay it forward to a person I thought needed it. Just after he left, a woman came in that I did previously this year and remembered her face. She told me how recently this year she lost her grandson to a brain injury. The grandson lived with them so I can imagine how hard this time of year it is for them and especially for your family. I thought she deserved the haircut. I let her know about your family and I gave her an extra “BeDaena card” that Dave left for me. I told her to pay it forward.
I was going to wait until I saw David again to tell him that his money was well spent until I noticed the email. So here I am. Thank you Daena, David, and the rest of your family. Today I was truly touched. There are some great people left in our world and your family is surely one of them.
Happy holidays and and best wishes.
Yours truly,
Manager & stylist, Supercuts in Willimantic

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